Wednesday, March 26, 2008

pushpin prose

so it all started when i started thinking about life.
don't almost all thinking tangents begin that way?

anyways... i was thinking about how i don't want to be STUCK in a place.
i don't mean not having any commitments, because those are important...
i just don't want to be somewhere where i become stale... unchallenged... STUCK.
then i got to thinking... well it is important to be a little stuck... what kind of stuck do i want to be.

superglue: definitely not. once your in a place... there is no unstucking. i think that God didn't create us to be stuck quite that much. think about it... he had Abraham just pick up everything and go in the middle of his life... Abraham was definitely not superglued down.

masking tape: my next thought was to move to some sort of temporary stucking. Masking tape... you can use it again and it definitely isn't permanent. But then it is easily ripped off, especially if a big gust of wind comes.... I don't want to be blown about by the wind!! Plus you reuse masking tape like twice and then its all unsticky and unusable. NO!! masking tape is not what I want to be.

staple: well the benefits of being a staple is that it is firmly in place and it does leave a mark wherever it goes. But there is a problem with being like a staple: you can't be reused.

pushpin: well... a pushpin is temporary, but definitely more sturdy than masking tape.It can be reused over and over again. And most importantly it leaves a mark wherever it goes. So it's decided I want to stuck... like pushpin. I want to be in a place effectively working for God but ready and willing to go and do anything that he asks. And if that time comes, I want to have left an impact on the place I am leaving. (I think I want to be a PINK push pin...hehe)

Lord, I know that I am still trying to figure out who I am in this world. And who you want me to be. I am filled with dreams and desires that have been put there by you. Lord help me to be effective in the place that I am at. Help me to be content so that I can truly focus on doing your will. But God please do not allow me to be STUCK. Father give me the courage to act in faith and to follow wherever you lead. Thank you for the abundant blessings you have poured out over my life and thank you for always being faithful. Lord please give me a heart like yours, one that aches for the lost. Fill me with humility so that I may serve you. Thank you for sending your peace into my heart. And thank you for being my one true love.

In Jesus name I pray. Amen.


Yvette said...

you inspire me. thank you for a clever and very thought-provoking blog :)

cmh said...

Hey I stumbled upon your blog too. Great anologies and thoughts. Good luck on your journey!