Sunday, March 23, 2008


you ever get so caught up in your own life...
worrying about how God is going to fix this or that...
constantly focusing on how you are going to get through the next day?

and then God is like... BLAM!!
He sends you a wake up call.
makes you see that to be like Christ...
is to be selfless.
To not worry about oneself...
but to live for others.
Yes prayer for your own life is important.
But I know I get so caught up in the "woe is me" mantra... so self consumed.

There are hurting people out there.
People that I have direct contact with... that if i would only stop whining about my own life...
i would see their very real pain.
How utterly selfish that I get so blinded with my own cares and concerns...
my life is not bad.
It's great actually.
I am confident in Christ.
I have Hope.
Hope that people need.

God forgive me for not seeing people like you do.
Forgive my selfish "what's in it for me mindset."

Lord change my heart and help me see people the way you do.
Please give me a heart like yours.
A heart for the hurting, lost, and hopeless.

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