Monday, November 24, 2008

What if we loved?

What interesting concept blogging is.
You could journal... a private conversation between you and God or you and "diary."
Why is it that we feel compelled to write... desiring others to read?
It possibly could be for encouragement... something exciting happened and you want to tell others.
But I don't think that is the root of blogging.
I think it is our innate desire to be recognized... to not feel alone.
We feel we have a connection to the outside world... the internet bloggisphere of human connectivity.
We hold out hope that someone somewhere is reading what we wrote... and emphathizes... connects with us.
The need of human companionship has been in since the beginning.
Even God said, "Man was not meant to be alone."
God out of His great and infinite love created man... companions... something to love and to be loved by.
If we are created in His image... created through His love... a love that had to create in order to be love... we must love.
We need connection.
We need to not feel alone.
Perhaps that is a draw of the facebook and myspace... knowing that at any moment you can log on and not "be alone."
When loneliness clouds your heart and mind.
When you feel so desperately alone...
know that God loves you.
He created you and desires an intimate relationship with you.
It is awful the way we treat each other... how humanity has distorted love.

We murder, lie, steal, manipulate, and destroy... what if we loved?
Children are dying in Africa because they have no food... what if we loved?
Sex trafficking occurs world wide... what God meant as an expression of love... has been turned into a compulsive means of satisfying lust and exerting control over another human being... what if we loved?
Depression is one of the highest reasons for suicide among teens... what if we loved?
Divorce is on the rise... what if we loved?
People visit a church... and are judged for their past, their looks, or their lifestyle... what if we loved?

Christ loved.
He brought hope to needy, hurting, and lonely.
He didn't waste His time catering to the religious.
He discipled the committed.
He devoted his life to the helpless and the trapped.
He sacrificed his life for all... no exceptions... no stipulations.

What if we loved?


Liz! said...

oh my goodness! very well written and very good points made!

thanks for posting this!

Yvette said...

so, i read this when you first posted it and i decided to think about it...

i really agree with you. i mean, i think that's why my life has been so strange without facebook these days. it's not that i am miserably alone, but it is harder to find people to just "recognize" me, as you said.

thanks for writing this. bringing it to my awareness has made things interesting, especially in light of the way i interact with other people.